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Educators mostly operate under conditions of institutionalised compliance. A compliance and testing focus drives shallow learning in which we merely cover content rather than make deep connections to the content. We need to step out of transactional learning and into the innovative, creative space of leveraged learning.


Facilitating teachers to gain greater insight about their students learning and become more proactive in their interactions with learners to deepen learning.

We work with leaders who experience challenges with the people bit to gain skills and strategies to manage the people bit better and create thriving collaborative cultures in their teams and organisations


“Literally the most amazing PD I have ever done. It has changed my approaches to teaching and the way I run my class. The results and feedback from the students have been incredible.”

Alicia Spekking

“Tabitha was incredibly knowledgeable and focused, giving teaching inquiry a concrete purpose. Tabitha has helped me refine my own inquiry and implement it in a way that is manageable and meaningful for me.”


Pukekohe High School

“Another incredible day with Tabitha Leonard. Whole staff workshop followed by 10 teachers taking their inquiry journey with Tabitha. An engaged and on board staff thanks to her incredible work. Looking forward to our next PLD session in a few weeks time.”

Greg Haines

DP; St Peters School Cambridge