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a continuum of practice and capability around practice that builds student agency

The purpose of building a support structure that develops student agency for your learners is to enable the learner to take control of their learning. The exploration of the above quote results in teachers designing curriculum and lessons through a learning lens rather than a teaching lens. When this happens - and teachers unpack learning in the form of success criteria, learners are able to move from individualised - through differentiated - to personalised, thus building the capacity of learners agency - known as student agency.

We need a shift in approach. Here’s what that looks like:



This programme will help your teachers to:

  • Clarify what student agency is in your education context

  • Develop an understanding of the Teacher Element of Student Agency

  • Connect with the work of Guy Claxton – Building Learner Power and Carol Dwek – Growth Mindset and make links to the teacher element of student agency.

  • Identify teacher actions that will support students to build agency – what are teachers going to need to plan and do?


How it works:

  • These sessions can be co-constructed around your timelines and structures.

  • The process requires 3 half day sessions where we work through a process of discover, dream and design for future student agency pedagogical practices


“Amazing definition of student agency - great level of workshopping activities to unpack meaning.”

“Excellent content and exactly what we needed at this time”

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