The sessions and resources provided by Tabitha have been part of the best professional learning I have had in a long time. I have gained so much more confidence in leading my department.
The resources are fantastic tools in supporting staff with different personalities and levels of confidence. Tabitha is excellent at questioning to deepen your thinking and facilitating meaningful group discussions. I am no longer avoiding leading my team.
— Miriam Aitken - HoF; Saint Kentigern College


Growing Good to Great Leaders

Leading the people bit

Leadership is not about the process; it is about the people! Growing the capability of leaders to cultivate collaborative cultures through leading with insight; the people bit of being a leader.

Let deliberate practice drive better practice. Motivate the masses... Be aware and cognizant of your impact...Work hard at getting to know yourself. In other words, be a learner.
— Michael Fullan

the challenge

  • Leaders struggle to manage the people bit of their leadership role

  • Managing your people like you manage your processes is not working

  • Constrant change is disrupting “how we have aways done things” and we need to change - quickly - to keep up

  • Leaders are operating in a culture of tell and are looking elsewhere when identifying the cause of the issues they are esperiencing with the people bit.

Change requires Leaders who can not only lead change..BUT also lead the people bit.

We need skills to lead our teams...we need to urgently focus on mobilising human and moral purpose by leading the People Bit better!

Are your leaders managing the people bit of being a leader?

So where are you as a leader when it comes to leading the people bit?

Do you have a culture of ASK?

Do you understand the emotional bit so you can lead the people bit?

Do you have thriving relationships in your team?

the learning

Leading with insightis about leading with a learner mindset. Leading with insight is about the people bit. Not the systems and processes bit.

We will focus in on the people bit and the skills and strategies you need to lead the people bit.

When you lead with a learner mindset, you become mindful of the people bit. The behaviours of self and others that make the cultivation of collabortive cultures an outcome rather than an aspiration.

Are you ready to grow your leaders? Build their capability to lead the people bit? Lead with Insight and Lead with a Learner Mindset?

We aim to enable leaders to thrive in their roles and lead transformation in their leadership and in their teams to achieve your strategic targets.

Through leadership-focused insights, we will build understanding of the people bit of leadership and give you critical strategies and simple steps for immediate improvement by focusing on:

  • Understanding YOU as a leader

  • Understanding THEM as your team

  • Understanding US as a team in our work together.