Deepen Teacher Inquiry

Lead | Reflect | Grow: To enable teacher learning


All schools I work with in support of Teacher Inquiry will receive a complimentary copy of my book Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hacking Inquiry for Teachers.

Deepen Teacher Inquiry was written to support teachers through the design of deep teacher inquiries that encourage innovation and creativity in the approach to deepening student learning and elevate impacts in student outcomes.

We all know that professional learning offered in schools - while perhaps great at the time - very rarely has an ongoing impact on teacher learning or practice. Teachers head back into the business of their day-to-day activities after the event and very rarely do we get an opportunity to consolidate or apply our new learnings.
Now, we all know that the process of learning new things in a way that embeds in the long-term memory requires time to practice - to consolidate - to synthesise and to apply.
The lack of this activity after professional learning events makes learning superficial at best.
So, with that in mind - the process of an inquiry - for teachers - is the best form of learning there is. 

We need a shift in approach. Here’s what that looks like:

This programme will help your teachers to:

  • Learn an easy to follow step-by-step inquiry process in which teachers can measure the impact their teaching actions are having on student learning.

  • Feel supported in using innovation and creativity in designing a teacher inquiry.

  • Feel more confident to measure the impact teaching actions are having on student learning.

  • Build your ability for deep reflection that leads to professional growth.

  • Understand how inquiry can be used to curate evidence for teacher certification and appraisal


How it works:

  • Teachers complete four half day sessions in which they design and implement an inquiry.

  • Teachers will make measures of the impact of their strategy on student learning.

  • You’ll build the confidence and capability to grow teachers professional practice

  • You will grow capability and new designs for teacher appraisal practice and teacher registration 

Participating in an inquiry process with Tabitha has changed the way I think about or reflect on the impact of my teaching on the learning of my students. It has formalised the process of making those ‘on the spot’ decisions about catering for students. Forces you to challenge your own assumptions about the learning happening in your class. Has made me more perceptive about my students learning and achievement.
— Amy Drinkrow - ACG Strathallan
The process of planning and running an inquiry has resulted in changes to my practice. It has challenged my thinking around who I am as a professional. My thoughts are always with my students and finding evidence can sometimes feel like irrelevant paperwork that I am obliged to do. I think this process shows that this process of evidence gathering and critical Inquiry can be solely focused around students and what supports them- it doesn’t need to be an annoying aside.
— Luisa Maloni - Kelston Deaf Education Centre
The process of running an inquiry has enabled me to reflect differently on my practice. This process opened my eyes to opportunities of changing how I teach, seeing how students learn differently and how to keep my inquiry simple and effective
— Jonny Kennedy - James Cook High School