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WELLINGTON - One Day Taster - The Underlying Principals of STEAM Lessons - $300

More and more there is a call for STEAM Learning or learning that incorporates the key skills that come with that kind of learning design. I'm talking about communication, collaboration (team work) and critical thinking... so let’s explore what that is and get some clarity about WHY, WHAT and HOW in your school and in your context.

What’s it all about?

We will look at what STEAM learning looks like in your context

Identify and work with the fundamental principals that underpin STEAM Learning and the key skills and dispositions that STEAM learning designs enable and grow when the learning is scaffolded in the right way.

WHY Register.

It starts with story...

It helps to identify the challenge and the WHY for change. You gain clarity on the topic. You feel your opinions are valued.

...and then we Ideate...

It helps drill down into what is important and focuses into WHY change.

...and then we build...

We design and define WHY and WHAT and share to get cross-pollination of ideas and outcomes.

You will be able to take the best ideas back to your school...

...But before you do...

We began to create | design | prototype your ideas into your own school context so you have something to action straight away.

Special Offer!

If you send three staff from the one school - you will only be invoiced for two!

St Mark's Church School

13 Dufferin Street, Basin Reserve,

Wellington, New Zealand 6021

The session finishes at 2 pm. However you are more than welcome to stay to work on designing resources and programmes etc while being supported. The venues will be book through to 4 pm.

Testimonial - Key outcomes for Participants

WHAT we do…