Coaching - Finding your Inquiry Genius

Do you find that there is no time to inquire deeply into the impact of your teaching on top of everything else you need to do?

There are too many things on your plate already - you are already going through the motions of searching out evidence for certification and reflecting on it, why should you have to do inquiry as well?

Are You Ready To Build The Capacity Of Inquiry And Find Your Inquiry Genius?

If you are a teacher who wants to:

  • Learn an easy to follow step-by-step inquiry process in which you can measure the impact your teaching actions are having on student learning.
  • Feel supported in using innovation and creativity in designing your inquiry, and be able to feel more confident to measure the impact your teaching actions are having on student learning.
  • Build your ability for deep reflection that leads to professional growth.
  • Understand how inquiry can be used to curate evidence for teacher certification and appraisal
  • Explore –  a range of formative inquiry approaches and the assessment of the impact that these actions on students’ learning and engagement.

Why Action Research Learning Projects?

Teacher inquiry in the form of Action Research Learning Projects can be challenging, exciting, rewarding and inspiring.   With the tools to dig deeper into each part of the Action Research Learning Project – together

We will develop your confidence and competence around critical inquiry.

When you – as teachers – are inquiring critically; professional growth, curation of evidence for teacher registration and foundations for the building of new structures around registration present themselves.

Double your energy, performance and competence; maximise your time, and bring renewed enthusiasm to your practice.


Build your Capacity to inquire Critically

Coaching with Tabitha will help you to:

Understand, refine and grow your teaching practice

Deepen your reflective practice

Build the capacity to engage with teaching in new and exciting ways.

Develop new ways to curate evidence for registration.


WHo is it for?

This Program is for teachers who are ready to inject their teaching practice with energy and engagement. For Teachers who are ready to take responsibility for their own development and bust through old beliefs that no longer serve them.

Investment schedule

Three Coaching Sessions over two school terms  – to coach you through each stage of an inquiry journey.

Intended outcome – the completion of your first deep teaching inquiry with mapped curation of evidence against the new Professional Teaching Standards.

The inquiry process has challenged my thinking around who I am as a professional. My thoughts are always with my students and finding evidence can sometimes feel like irrelevant paperwork that I am obliged to do. I think this process shows that this process of evidence gathering and critical Inquiry can be solely focused around students and what supports them- it doesn’t need to be an annoying aside
— Jen Bates
I think it made me think deeper into why I thought a change was necessary, what I was going to do to make the change.  Then I would actually monitor the process- I felt more aware of the intervention I was making, and how students were responding. The impact data helped to support and challenge my thinking around this. It was less assumption based and I felt I could support it more confidently with having some different types of evidence alongside my anecdotal observations and conclusions
— Jenny Lee


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