#Merry Christmas - Reflect and Refine - or is it Rest and Rejuvenate?

Hi everyone,
A huge thank you to my loyal weekly readers. We have had a year of unpacking, and re-purposing Teacher Inquiry that I hope has added value to your world.
I am excited to confirm that all of that work has been curated into a book. Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hacking Inquiry for Teachers. It is currently with the editors and will be in print by the end of February 2019.

In the meantime, I have started working on a piece that is centralised around the Learning Process - Strategies 4 Learning - and the importance of knowledge, the understanding of knowledge, and how knowledge is structured so that we are in a better position to choose the best pedagogy to enable deeper learning for our students, and grow the agency around learning.
I will begin to share this work out to you at the start of next year.

Coming up in 2019


We will be leveraging off the success and impacts of the T3 - Teacher Think Tank event that ran in December. The feedback from participants has been extremely positive, in particular the value of having a place and space to have time to think about - and get strategic with - next steps for the things around learning that are challenging you on a daily basis.

The energy and value of sharing story, collaborating and bouncing ideas off educators from many different schools enabled the participants to gain great ideas to take back to their own schools and engage with in 2019.

I will keep you posted about 2019 dates.

My summer project is to create and develop an online membership site to support schools with the multiple levels of complexity that goes with whole system learning.

We will have areas that support classroom teachers and school leaders to build coherence around and to make sense of the future of education and learning in the 21st Century, with key focus on the following areas:

Practice models (7).jpg
  1. Designs for learning

  2. Strategies for learning

  3. Deepen Teacher Inquiry - to enable change making in your school

  4. Leadership for learning

More details will follow at a later date…

I wish you a happy and relaxing summer break.
I always find the summer break the only time I can truly unplug. Summer - for me - is the only time when I am not reflecting and worrying over particular students and their learning.
Every other holiday during the school years would be spent thinking about, and worrying about, what needed to get done before the end of year assessments. Often I would worry about what I could do and how I could work strategies for my students that would deepen their learning.

The thinking about work never stopped.

BUT… the summer break... the focus turned to sun, sand and surf without that background dialogue about work...

Recommended Reading

If you are looking for a great book or two to read over the summer break. Probably the only time of the year you have time to read for enjoyment… here are a few books I can recommend as a great read.

Enjoy your break!

I hope you have a restful and rejuvenating break, and I will see you all in January.

Go well 




I am really excited to introduce a way for teachers and leaders to innovate solutions that are outside the box... check this out - information video and testimonial to be found within.

February 2019

T3 - Teacher Think Tank - STEAM Principals - - Wellington Based Teachers
See my front page for video details on how you can get involved. Including a testimonial from Sally Pendergrast - Rototuna Junior High School

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January 2019

Teaching as Inquiry 101

Auckland Based Teachers


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