Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hack No 17

We’re keen to add a new voice to our push for good TAI.

Richard Wells - Orewa College

For the last month, I have been working with the Kahui Ako within school leaders at Orewa College. We have been exploring ways in which to use the Deepen Teacher Inquiry process to deepen Students Learning.

We have explored the three dimensions of learning - cognitive, social and emotional - in different ways to gain insight into what is happening in regards to student learning. With this insight, we will be able to make grounded decisions regarding the best strategies in the classroom.

The whole process has been captured by the talented Linda Rubens who has created a graphic recording of the sessions so far.

Attribution to Linda Rubens - Orewa College

Attribution to Linda Rubens - Orewa College

We have challenged the status quo. We have explored future solutions regarding the learning in classrooms using the latest iteration and thinking tools for the Deepen Teacher Inquiry process.

Through a thorough exploring process, we can focus in on key causes.

Dive deep into what is happening. Not just stay at the surface level of what we notice and see in the classroom. Our understanding of what we think and feel became more in-depth as we took observed behaviours and explored underneath to unearth what those behaviours were.

With the insight generated, we can create an innovative spin on strategies that may address the gap we have identified.

That is what learning insights are all about. We are now in a position to take our ideas to the classroom and test them with the students.

We will be coming back together at a later date to unpack how our innovative spin on our chosen strategy went.

Good luck, team. I love your work!

If you would like to find out more about what I do or how I may be able to help at your school, please feel free to get in touch today.

Nga mihi.


From the Archives


Empathy Mapping & Ideating While you Explore

"No thought is ever complete until it's written down."
Col Fink -Thought Leaders Business School

The Cognitive Theory Behind Empathy Mapping and Ideation

Write, Draw, Speak......

Empathy Mapping and Ideation are methods which enable us to represent our ideas in different ways so we can explore and deepen our thinking.

During the Empathy Mapping process, we write down all our ideas and thoughts about student learning. We then utilise this data in the Ideation process, where we draw our ideas, visualising our thinking through the process.

Why do we do this? Drawing engages different parts of our brain than writing does. When drawing, we create a visual representation of what we think. Once we do this, we can see it with greater clarity and better identify other aspects of our ideas. This process creates a pathway to deeper thinking.


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