#Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hack No 10

Measure What Matters Part 2

Inquiry and How it Will Change Your Practice

An Inquiry is your formula for success. Involving deep reflections and responsiveness to student learning needs, gathering and analysis of data with an Inquiry lens will energise you to change your practice. Rather than relying on gut feelings or wondering what impact you may have had, you will KNOW, through measured outcomes, that you have enhanced your students learning.

A rigorous and well-planned Inquiry gathers information and provides feedback from which you are able to draw valid conclusions. The results will energise you to continue making changes to your teaching strategies which will lead to improved learning outcomes across the classroom.

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Engaging in an Inquiry Will Change Your Practice.

The journey will encourage you to be more responsive to the needs of your students, whilst enabling your contribution to the learning process. Undertaking an Inquiry inside of a classroom is like adding compost to a garden. When the right combination of components are present, there WILL be improved outcomes and teacher professional growth.

After working with over 300 teachers across numerous schools in 2018 in support of their Deepen Teacher Inquiries, I reached out for feedback, some of which is outlined below.

How has participating in an Inquiry process changed the way you think about, or reflect on, the IMPACT of your teaching on your students?

“It has made me look more closely at what I am currently doing and has helped me to find constructive ways to improve my practice.”

“It's made me want to try sooo many more techniques and methods...”

“The questioning process gave me time and impetus to think about various aspects of my classroom teaching and identify the areas of concern (i.e. raising the achievement of low achieving students).”

“Students showed a better understanding of the work, gaining better marks in the tests after the work was presented by them and the teacher, compared to the teacher just being the only source of information.”

“I am constantly thinking about how to manage underachieving students and make learning more effective for them.”

The Deepen Teacher Inquiry process made me reassess my actions in the classroom. Now, I consider why a change in strategy is necessary, what I am going to do to make the change, why that idea would possibly work and importantly, monitor the process. My eyes have been opened to opportunities around changing how I teach, and I have a far greater understanding of the many different ways in which students learn.

The entire Inquiry process helps keep the students and their learning at the heart of my focus and my teaching. I'd love to encourage you to investigate Deepen Teacher Inquiry so that you and your students can experience the same.

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What can Teacher Inquiry be?

  • Inquiry provides the platform in which to innovate learning opportunities that deepen learning.

  • The power of knowing the impact on learning energises innovation and creativity that, in turn, energises student learning.

  • Inquiry is the vehicle that enables and empowers a change in the way teachers work.

  • Inquiry is driven by the learning of students that refocuses teachers on what’s important when they are overwhelmed with all the other tasks that need attention.

Leveraging powerful tools
Without a shared understanding of the role of the teacher and how to leverage the powerful tool that is Teacher Inquiry to create desired learning experiences, you will solely rely on the models of teaching you have always used, despite the resources at your fingertips or those of your students.