#Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hack No 3

Working smarter
not harder


What Teacher Inquiry can do...

  • Enable change-ready tribes.

  • Empower the appraisal process so it becomes a learning centered process rather than a performance management process.

The accountability piece
There is an ever-present accountability piece that sits with appraisal and teacher registration. How well that accountability piece is utilised within a school varies, and the culture around the accountability piece is varied. In many cases, appraisal and the accountability piece is centered around performance management.
Performance management, when broken down, is a measure of a person’s performance and management of a person’s performance. Neither of these things are conducive to learning. As soon as you hear performance, there are a raft of uncertainties that begin to manifest as anxiety. When a person is anxious, learning will not and cannot occur. Management indicates that the locus of control sits outside of the learner. It would be like in a classroom when the teacher dictates what and how a student will and can learn. In such situations, learning is passive at best, and definitely superficial.

Who controls the accountability?
If we are looking to enable deep learning for you, the locus of control needs to sit with you. When Deepen Teacher Inquiry is enabled and is made the centrepiece of practice in a school, your learning is enabled. The control of the process sits with you, and your learning is elevated to transform practice leading in the first instance to a successful Inquiry process and in the second instance, to greater students learning outcomes. To harness this power, schools are encouraged to align process in a way that drives your registration, appraisal, and the accountability piece through the Deepen Teacher Inquiry process, to make learning the key outcome.

How well have you managed to build an Inquiry centered appraisal model in your school?

Go Well....