Deepen Teacher Inquiry - #Hackinginquiryforteachers

This week I sent my book - Deepen Teacher Inquiry off to the printer, and I have to say the process of putting to paper all that we have done in the last two years has been an inquiry in itself. So having said that...

I would like to dedicate this book to all of the educators I have worked with over the last two years...

To my tribe - we have challenged well-established beliefs and norms, stretched and grown through the actions we have taken in our inquiries.

Your inquiry stories in one way or another are woven into this book and are what brings it alive for the reader. Without your enthusiasm and wholehearted dedication to learning, this would be just another book written about something quite a few teachers still find a chore. It shouldn't be a chore - but it is.

So thank you to my tribe. You are amazing, and I love the work you do.

 So WHY write a book...?

It's a book that represents my WHY. Its a book about energizing to action and empowering to change. Its a book about measuring what matters. It's a book about stretch and grow out of the old and into the new. Its a book about encouraging and enabling teachers to look deeply into HOW their students learn and HOW their students create new knowledge.

The magic is in the scaffolding of experiences and challenges finely tuned to the needs and interests of students and maximized through relevance and authenticity."

In so many schools I see Teacher Inquiry being flogged as a “must do”. It is still a mandated thing, Teachers are reacting to a mandated “have to do” .

This book is written to energize to action and empower to change the way we look at and use Inquiry in our schools. Unless a re-purposing of teacher inquiry is carried out and there is a drive for it to be about growing teachers as learners, the status quo will prevail and there will be little or no change to teachers’ learning.

This book is about enabling you to become more learning focused in your practice as you become a learner yourself. Deepen teacher inquiry supports thinking and connections to learning in a way that enables you to look deeply at what is happening in terms of the learning of the students in the class.

And then what happens?

Re-purposed deepen teacher inquiry will enable you to strengthen the culture of learning in your school. Learning through inquiry, for teachers and students, connects with the elements of what has been shown to lead to best learning. Deepen teacher inquiry is authentic, agentic, self-managed, collaborative, and encourages authentic struggle. These are all elements of deep learning experiences and skills we are looking to enable in our students. When teachers are modelling great learning to their students in an authentic learning context such as in the case of teacher inquiry, great things happen. But most of all … you learn; thereby, becoming more effective and reflective about learning and the authentic struggle of learning. Because you are immersed in action and tuned into learning, you recognise and mentor learning in others. So, modelling is crucial for developing a learning culture.


Go Well.....