2019 - Let's make it all about the learning process, building of knowledge and making measures of what matters.

Happy New Year everyone!

As we come off the silly season and turn our attention to the year ahead, its a bit of a tradition for people to reflect, to set some goals. Perhaps you have a new year resolution or two. I have never been much of a resolutioner. But I do like to make some decisions about how I will be and do for the year.

I thought I would do something a little different in my new years' reflection. A video rather than a post. A video in which I  share a little bit of my story. The last three years of work for me have been the biggest and best of my whole working life.
In 2016 I made a decision to act on a dream. That action literally felt like I was stepping off an incredibly high cliff with the hope that I would fly rather than fall flat on my face. In this video, I share a little about what and why I decided to act,  and where my action is heading for 2019


The year that has been...
2018 for me was a year of incredible growth as I stepped 100% away from the classroom and began to work with some amazing, passionate and talented educators. In our work together we energised to action and empowered to change. We FOCUSED | SYNTHESIZED| CATALYZED| TRANSFORMED practice and enabled change-ready tribes in the work we did together. How? - well, we re-purposed teacher inquiry through deepen teacher inquiry and refined learning cultures through the redefinition and refining of appraisal and the curation of evidence of best practice.

What did I see as I worked with these amazing people from many schools across all levels of education?

I saw anxiety and stress being turned into energy, excitement and the realisation that a process that has been the bain of their professional existence can be incredibly empowering and powerful for the learning of all members of a school community.

The Year to come...
So now to Discover | Define | Design 2019.
For me, 2019 is about three things - all of which have learning at the centre.

So let's make 2019 about the learning and making measures of what matters.

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