#Deepen-teacher-inquiry - Ah-ha Moments

Spring has sprung! It is time for fresh eyes. A re-lense. To energize to action and empower to change.

As we roll towards October, spring has definitely sprung - The daffodils are out and the ducks in the lake have baby ducklings running around after them. New growth is everywhere, and most importantly the sun is rising earlier in the morning. I hate getting up in the dark.

Spring is a time for change, growth and revitalization. Over the winter months, I have shared stories of Teacher Inquiry and unpacked the process using many different lenses. When I started these pieces about teacher inquiry - who knew we would get up to part 28 - that's just crazy. But not really - you see, teacher inquiry is - The most powerful learning tool…...For you! 

I would like to recognise and thank my avid readers.  To those of you who I have crossed paths in person, thank you for your encouragement and positive feedback. I love that you have gained value out of the weekly delivery to your email inbox. 

This week, I think its time for a celebratory post.
I would like to share with you four ah-ha moments teachers - and leaders - have had as a result of the work we have done together to Deepen Teacher Inquiry.

For the last 12 months, I have worked alongside over 370 teachers and leaders to Deepen Teacher Inquiry.  I have encouraged and empowered teachers to Explore, Extract and Evaluate in ways that have allowed them to look deeply into the learning process and make measures of learning in a way that is more than just learning outcome driven.


Ah-ha moments that have energized | enabled | empowered change to teacher practice.

When I asked teachers what the most valuable thing was for them in the work we did together - four themes of impact came through very strongly.

  1. The platform in which to innovate learning opportunities that deepen learning.

  2. The power of knowing the impact on learning.

  3. The vehicle that enabled and empowered a change in the way teachers work.

  4. The change in culture around collaboration between staff.

Let's have a look at the first one.

The platform in which to innovate learning opportunities that deepen learning.

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry encourages curiosity and exploration of the learning process in a way that is different from the usual way teachers reflect.

"Deepen Teacher Inquiry is so much more impacting and empowering because the inquiry is designed out of teacher curiosity about the LEARNING of their students and not the TEACHING of the students."

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry provides a platform in which teachers can seek understanding of what enables deeper learning.

“Deepen Teacher Inquiry enabled me to look to learn why my students prefer a particular way of learning, and how they can learn to gain a deeper level of understanding.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry encourages more dialogue about learning between teacher and student.

“Deepen Teacher Inquiry has enabled a greater learning rapport with my students purely due to the way it changed the way I dialogued with my students about their learning.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry encourages the modelling of learning by the teachers - for the students - and leads learning in the classroom.

The role of the teacher is to be a leader in learning. There are three elements of leadership - Deepen Teacher Inquiry is about the leadership of learning. Modelling. Dialogue and monitoring. Deepen Teacher Inquiry enables all of these elements of the leadership of learning in the classroom.

And this is just a snap-shot of the impact Deepen Teacher Inquiry has had.  Deepen Teacher Inquiry gives teachers an inquiry platform in which to innovate learning opportunities for their students.

Next week I will share teachers thoughts on the power of knowing the impact on learning. By that I mean - over and above assessment data. 

Have a great last week of term everyone, and have a safe and restful holiday.





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