Deepen Teacher Inquiry Series - Part 13

Collaboration has no hierarchy. The Sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth.
— Amit Raj

Evidence analysis - while daunting at times - can reveal some incredibly unexpected trends. Especially when you collect qualitative evidence in the form of an interview or student's voice.
Last week while looking into qualitative data, the suggestion was made that inquiry evidence needs some kind of attention and “playful activity” to group and regroup the data in different ways and different configurations to gain new insights. 

An element of depth can be added to this experience when it is done in collaboration with other colleagues. When I work with schools supporting teachers on their inquiry journey, the dialogue that comes out of sharing the evidence and collaborating on the findings is rich and deep.  This dialogue is often what leads to elemental shifts in practice for teachers.
The inquiry is a beautiful framework in which to allow teachers to explore the impacts their practice is having on students learning. When the journey is partnered with others then the learning increases for everyone involved. 

The inquiry is not intended to be a lonely activity. It is a powerful tool in which to facilitate collegial dialogue and gain learning opportunities for teachers and leaders.When we design learning activities and opportunities for our students we expect that they will collaborate and communicate with each other. It is just as important for teachers to collaborate and communicate when they are learning too. Be that as it may - inquiry when done well - will be some of the most powerful learning you will do as an educational professional.


Who are you sharing your inquiry findings with?
How can you help others grow in their profession and gain insights into the impacts they are having in students learning?



Fichtman Dana, N. (2013). Digging Deeper into Action Research. California: Corwin

Looking Ahead

If you are looking to give your Teacher Inquiry Practices an injection of fresh energy- to elevate teacher inquiry impacts to a whole new level -  Give me a call to discuss how we can do just that.

I know it is only May. However, I am aware that there are only a finite number of days on which schools run their start of year Teacher Only Days. The earlier you book, the greater the chance you will get the date you require.

Tabitha Leonard