Aspiring to be the school that provides leading edge education.

As a principal - do you aspire to be the school that provides leading-edge education? How are you going to make this happen?

Well, I can tell you - inquiry is the vehicle to make this happen. You can call it what you want - teaching as inquiry - critical inquiry - evaluative inquiry even action research projects - it all has the same purpose and when framed up right and conducted with strong supportive environments will have the same outcomes - to help teachers, leaders and boards,  to ‘gather defensible and dependable evidence from many sources’  so that they better ‘know thy impact’ and, from there, can act on it.

Imagine reframing inquiry in a way that allows your teachers to shift their teaching practice up a gear. To shift from responsive teachers who have consistent impacts on students learning outcomes to leading-edge teachers who have elevated impacts on students learning outcomes.

The power of well-structured inquiry models is that they will facilitate teachers creativity and allow them to grow their repertoire of great strategies while being in a position to measure impacts on students learning.

Teachers who have an intrinsic inquiring culture are more responsive to learners needs and can develop deep and meaningful responses to their learner's needs - thus becoming leading-edge educators.

A reframing of inquiry will develop teachers who have the capability to inquire deeply into the impact they are having on students learning. Teachers who are energised to drive change in their practice. Teachers and leaders who feel empowered to allow teachers to be inventive and creative in their teaching to grow great teachers and elevate student outcomes.

Tabitha Leonard