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a continuum of practice and capability around practice that builds student agency

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The purpose of building a support structure that develops student agency for your learners is to enable the learner to take control of their learning. The exploration of the above quote results in teachers designing curriculum and lessons through a learning lens rather than a teaching lens. When this happens - and teachers unpack learning in the form of success criteria, learners are able to move from individualised - through differentiated - to personalised, thus building the capacity of learners agency - known as student agency.


The Teacher Element Of Student Agency

Student agency is supported in student centered classrooms. A classroom environment that supports student agency is a student centered classroom where the teachers focus shifts from controlling to more of a partnership approach.  For  this to occur teachers must have a growth mindset teachers with “a growth mindset are teachers who firmly believe their students are capable of learning anything” (Dweck, 2010). They know their students, and are able to relate to their students. 

How can this be achieved in your schools classrooms?


The Student Elements Of Student Agency

Designing for learning leads to personalised learning pathways for learners. Differentiated learning strategies can be developed into personalised learning pathways with the support of well developed learning intentions and success criteria that results in the building of students agency.


The Recommended Approach and Investment

A program designed to empower and grow your teachers ability to

Think | Be | Do to encourage learning prowess.

Can be offered as a team facilitation or individual coaching.


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