Deepen Teacher Inquiry

Lead | Reflect | Grow: to make the best school for the future

Sharpen your inquiry processes and practice to grow leading edge teachers and find your inquiry genius

What would be possible if your teachers are competent and capable with inquiry?



Imagine reframing inquiry in a way that allows your teachers to shift their teaching practice up a gear. To shift from responsive teachers who have consistent impacts on students learning outcomes to leading-edge teachers who have elevated impacts on students learning outcomes.

The power of well-structured inquiry models is that they will facilitate teachers creativity and allow them to grow their repertoire of great strategies while being in a position to measure impacts on students learning.

Participating in an inquiry process with Tabitha has changed the way I think about or reflect on the impact of my teaching on the learning of my students. It has formalised the process of making those ‘on the spot’ decisions about catering for students. Forces you to challenge your own assumptions about the learning happening in your class. Has made me more perceptive about my students learning and achievement.
— Amy Drinkrow - ACG Strathallan
The process of planning and running an inquiry has resulted in changes to my practice. It has challenged my thinking around who I am as a professional. My thoughts are always with my students and finding evidence can sometimes feel like irrelevant paperwork that I am obliged to do. I think this process shows that this process of evidence gathering and critical Inquiry can be solely focused around students and what supports them- it doesn’t need to be an annoying aside.
— Luisa Maloni - Kelston Deaf Education Centre
The process of running an inquiry has enabled me to reflect differently on my practice. This process opened my eyes to opportunities of changing how I teach, seeing how students learn differently and how to keep my inquiry simple and effective
— Jonny Kennedy - James Cook High School
The process of planning and running an inquiry has resulted in changes to my practice. Makes me look deeper into what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and what research says to help me support my question.
— Arti Shankar Loving Care Kindy

Adapted from - Bray, B., McClaskey, K.A. (2014). Make learning personal. California: Corwin

Discover Great Learning

Find - Be - Do :  How to encourage learning prowess

“My recommendation is that teachers spend more time on working through their notions of what success looks like in terms of the balance of surface and deep before they teach the lesson.”

Hattie (2009)

The purpose of building a support structure that develops student agency for your learners is to enable the learner to take control of their learning. The exploration of the above quote results in teachers designing curriculum and lessons through a learning lens rather than a teaching lens. When this happens - and teachers unpack learning in the form of success criteria, learners are able to move from individualised - through differentiated - to personalised, thus building the capacity of learners agency - known as student agency.

A program designed to empower and grow your teachers ability to - Think | Be | Do to encourage learning prowess. Can be offered as a team facilitation or individual coaching...

We will focus on the following:

  • Unpack your teachers perception of Student Agency
  • Unpack your students perception of Student Agency
  • Unpack Teacher actions that will grow  Student Agency
Participating in this process with Tabitha has changed the way I think about or reflect on the teachers’ role in supporting the agency of our students. I am now aware of what student agency is and what I need to do to ensure all students have access to the skills required for effective student agency.
— Principal - Waipaparoa Community of Learning