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I energize people to action and empower them to change. I help people turn “I can’t” into “I can”.

I meet my clients where they are, and together we co-create a way to make change happen. Through the building of strong relationships and connections, we make change happen in a way that brings all parts of the whole along. I build genuine relationships from which we empower curiosity and learning. All done in a way that clarifies peoples why, gives them purpose, belonging and protection. I work very hard to enable people to feel valued. That their contribution is of value and that they are safe to push up against the constraints that prevent them from changing things for the better.

Educators operate under conditions of institutionalised compliance. A compliance and testing focus drives shallow learning in which we merely cover content rather than make deep connections to the content. The dominating model of change in education relies on top-down mandated programs or practices that have “worked” in other contexts. Teachers are then expected to replicate said programmes and practice. Top-down reform often results in compliance rather than learning, growth, and innovation.

I work with teachers and leaders to drive change. To step outside the education box and innovate in the name of learning rather than in the name of assessment. Through deep connections and relationships, I help to design and build a stronger, more effective model for change that empowers teachers and leaders to learn about new methods and adapt them to their unique context. I want to inspire innovation rather than compliance.

White Paper

Whole system learning to enable change-ready Tribes

The demands of the skills and dispositions of the 21st C workforce include collaboration, communication, critical analysis and creative problem-solving. These skills are even more crucial today than they have ever been.

So the landscape of what is essential in education is changing, and schools and educational institutions need to change with it. - But How?
Well, we need to start with WHY...
The “WHY” of schools and educational institutions need to be reset - refined and clarified. When today's educational institutions were set up, they were in place to create citizens who were work ready for an industrial age. The purpose of education was to teach students low-level cognitive skills, train them to perform repetitive tasks quickly and error-free, and eliminate all traces of creativity and innovation. In many cases, that is the system under which many schools still operate. But the tide is shifting - SLOWLY - are you ready?

MOE Centrally Funded PLD


As you get ready for the 2018 school year, and finalise PLD goals  - school leaders - MOE funding is available to support you to meet your PLD goals.

This PLD funding application is centred around an inquiry model which requires schools to know the problems of practice they wish to improve in order to lift student achievement. This means you must provide evidence of what you are basing your application on and how you will monitor impact of the PLD. - I can help you with this inquiry process.

Approved facilitation hours and transport costs are covered when you are granted this funding.

Contact Tabitha to discuss using your MOE PLD funding to access her Teacher and Leadership Inquiry, student agency and coaching or mentoring programmes