Enable | Energize | Empower

I am an enabler -  A change agent.

Challenging and Empowering people to be innovative and creative in a vibrant way that leads to transformational change is my passion. Together we will  build the coherence in your school by helping you connect the dots between theory and action. To build sustainability through the innovation of a clear vision and supporting sustainability through deepening understanding and enabling education and training.

I will work with you to ensure together we achieve the desired results.

In schools I work with teams to build coherence and cultures of change that are lensed through the power of learning.  Through the clarity gained we are able to build sustainability of practice through deep and relevant inquiry processes.

I work in many schools, enabling them to deepen teacher inquiry in a way that empowers the process to drive change and grow great learning outcomes for students.

MOE Centrally Funded PLD


As you get ready for the 2018 school year, and finalise PLD goals  - school leaders - MOE funding is available to support you to meet your PLD goals.

This PLD funding application is centred around an inquiry model which requires schools to know the problems of practice they wish to improve in order to lift student achievement. This means you must provide evidence of what you are basing your application on and how you will monitor impact of the PLD. - I can help you with this inquiry process.

Approved facilitation hours and transport costs are covered when you are granted this funding.

Contact Tabitha to discuss using your MOE PLD funding to access her Teacher and Leadership Inquiry, student agency and coaching or mentoring programmes