Re- Lensing Learning

Empower Sustainable Learning Cultures


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If you are looking to make a shift in the way you design learning in your department, looking at a review of programs of learning, a restructuring of your curriculum. Bring everyone together on the same page - through contributing to a new departmental vision and have everyone's belief levels so in-tune to the strategic vision that everyone is engaged to such a level as to be  “living it”. Such levels of ownership of a learning culture is incredibly energizing. The team are no longer expending energy in friction and disagreement, but are moving together in the same direction.

It starts with establishing coherence and clarity.

 Developed through common experiences, involving contribution by all members of a department  through purposeful interaction.

Empower sustainable learning cultures is a program for leadership teams who want support to unpack their Departments learning culture.

It is focused on moving your Departments learning culture from - told about it to grow it. Together we are able to:

  • Bring clarity to the journey for teachers and leaders in your department to make a change.
  • Enable collective capacity to move learning forward to meet the needs to the curriculum
  • Execute next steps to deepen/elevate learning.
  • Excite leading-edge learning, and strengthen your foundations to grow pedagogy and sustain change.

These sessions can be co-constructed around your timelines and structures. The process requires 3 sessions where we work through a process of discover, dream and design for future departmental direction.



What My Clients Say

Amazing definition of student agency - great level of workshopping activities to unpack meaning.
Excellent content and exactly what we needed at this time
— Sally Pendergrast - Rototuna High School
The course had inspired me to have more confidence in student agency. Tabitha has been very interactive and engaging for the whole session.
— Bijendra Prasad