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Coaching to build your capacity for critical inquiry in the form of Action Research Learning Projects



Are You Ready To Build The Capacity Of Inquiry And Find Your Inquiry Genius?

If you are a teacher who wants to:

  • Learn an easy to follow step-by-step inquiry process in which you can measure the impact your teaching actions are having on student learning.

  • Feel supported in using innovation and creativity in designing your inquiry, and be able to feel more confident to measure the impact your teaching actions are having on student learning.

  • Build your ability for deep reflection that leads to professional growth.

  • Understand how inquiry can be used to curate evidence for teacher certification and appraisal

  • Explore –  a range of formative inquiry approaches and the assessment of the impact that these actions on students’ learning and engagement.


Thank you so much for your valuable advice, input and ideas to help me move forward in my teaching practice
— Shelane Lomas - Teacher at St Kentigern College
Thanks so much- I feel better skilled at approaching the new professional standards and curation of evidence on my own
— Jess Stuart

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Implementing Inquiry Based Appraisal Practice

Coaching to build your capacity to align Teacher Certification, Appraisal and Attestation processes

Are you ready to build the capacity for inquiry based appraisal practice? 

Bespoke coaching to address you specific needs and issues. We will working alongside members of  leadership in a coaching setting to...

Create an implementation plan

Execute the implementation plan 

Building Your Inquiry Leadership Through Inquiry Coaches

Coaching Leaders through the skills to be an inquiry leader

Inquiry Coaches

Inquiry coaches are responsible for the building of the capacity of staff to plan and carry out deep and relevant teacher inquiries. They do this through coaching dialogue and facilitation of the connections between the teacher inquiry and the data - pre and post inquiry.

We can help your school to develop competent inquiry coaches and improve inquiry leadership. This requires moving the relationship between leader and teacher - from supervisory to coaching…. and that’s exactly what we’ll achieve together.

The inquiry is evidence-driven, but will only generate great evidence when it is well planned and supported. An inquiry coach is like the gardener who tends his crops - nurtures the garden and prepares the soil in order to reap a great crop