Because Inquiry is the most important learning tool for teachers - Your school leaders deserve the best support there is.

No matter how hard leadership teams try, there is still levels of uncertainty about how to “do” Inquiry. Because Inquiry is the most crucial learning tool for teachers, this site has been set up in support of teachers in their journeys through the incredibly important process of a Teacher Inquiry.

The Membership Site is designed to enable teachers and schools to work smarter not harder with respect to professional inquiry and appraisal. A Deepen Teacher Inquiry membership will provide you with all of the tools, tricks and motivation to enable teachers to seek to continually learn and develop their practice, to grow their agency as a learner, and to reconnect to the process of learning.


So what does a Membership get you?

When you sign up you will receive….

#a complimentary copy of my book - Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hacking Inquiry for Teachers.

#12 Hacks of Inquiry - A self-paced look at each phase of the Inquiry process, designed to support you through each phase of an Inquiry cycle.

#A library of support videos - Access to a series of videos designed to allow you to self-pace your learning through an Inquiry cycle in a way that supports the information from the Deepen Teacher Inquiry Book.

#A weekly newsletter to support your thinking as you journey through an Inquiry cycle.

#A monthly newsletter of current offerings in the PLD world.

#All PLD that is informed and connected to the Professional Teaching Standards.

#An instant 10% discount on any PLD booked for your school.

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