Another incredible day with Tabitha Leonard. Whole staff workshop followed by 10 teachers taking their inquiry journey with Tabitha. An engaged and on board staff thanks to her incredible work. Looking forward to our next PLD session in a few weeks time.
— Greg Haines - St Peters School Cambridge


From Insight to Practice

Based on the theory of Deepen Teacher Inquiry as a form of Highly Refective Practice.

Facilitating leaders of learning to greater insight.

Become more proactive in interactions with learners to deepen learning.

The Challenge.


Right now many leaders face these challenges:

  • Difficulities in gaining relevant insights into their students in a way that enables them to respond and act upon what they know.

  • It is simpler to stay with what they know rather than being the creative learning designers they need to be.

  • Although thinking reflectively, they are not staying curious enough about what is really happening in regards to their students learning.

  • Running the same process and programme every year, with very little adaptation or responsive design happening.

Is Your Process for Reflective Practice a Game Changer for Your Teachers?

Deepen Teacher Inquiry is about connecting with our students thinking processes and what is required to accelerate their learning. It is about design - designing learning strategies and measuring what matters. Teachers are the map makers and the journey takers - the designers and the participants of learning.

The Learning.

We will help your school to sharpen you culture around Staff's’ Reflective Practice processes, and develop the skills required to design deep and relevant learning strategies by empowering teachers to make wise, informed instructional decisions. To be reflective, responsive and refined - in service of learning.

Teachers will become designers of learning through D.E.S.I.G.N. 

D - Deliberate - Teachers will be able to identify deliberate acts of learning that their students need to take within their learning and design strategies which are specific to the learners in their classes.

E - Empathetic - By looking at learning through the lens of empathy, teachers will be able to look for meaning in what they are seeing as they explore and notice learning processes and learning mindsets of their students.

S - Searching for New - With a greater understanding of the learning process and the learning mindsets of their students, teachers will be able to design new learning strategies. These strategies take the best parts of new knowledge and past experience to create something new and dynamic.

I - Inquisitive - By being always curious and open to learning more, teachers will explore what they know through a learner mindset and be inquisitive by nature about what is happening in their classroom.

G - Growth Orientated - The belief in the process of growth and learning for all means that everyone has something to learn and something to offer in learning.

N - Next Steps - Teachers who are always looking forward and leaning into the next steps and stages of learning for themselves and their students.

Literally the most amazing PD I have ever done. It has changed my approaches to teaching and the way I run my class. The results and feedback from the students have been incredible.
— Alicia Spekking