Implementing Inquiry Based Appraisal


Coaching to build your capacity to align Teacher Certification, Appraisal and Attestation processes

Are you ready to build the capacity for inquiry-based appraisal practice?

If you are a Leader who wants to:

  • Explore ways in which the inquiry-based appraisal practice fits into your school, Kura, ECC and identify any areas that may need aligning.
  • Identify  how you can align your current practices to inquiry-based appraisal practice
  • Identify a clearly defined expectation of practice in your education context
  • Explore a framework in which to design inquiry practices and develop teachers through professional learning

Why build the capacity for inquiry-based appraisal practice?

Engagement and alignment of your processes around teacher certification, attestation and appraisal can be challenging, exciting, rewarding and inspiring.  We will work alongside members of leadership in a coaching setting to develop your confidence and competence around the alignment of the above requirements through the development of inquiry-based appraisal practice in your educational setting.

Double your engagement, performance and competence; and bring renewed enthusiasm to the process of Appraisal

This Program is for leaders who are seeking clarity around the question – What actions do I need to take to use inquiry to align Professional Teaching Standards, appraisal and attestation in to the culture of our school? – and bust through old beliefs that no longer serve them.

Investment schedule

5 Coaching Sessions over 3 months – framed up as mini inquiries.

  1. Identifying the current state of appraisal in your school, Kura, ECC.
  2. Ideation of the ideal appraisal structure in your school, Kura, ECC, and the design of the project plan
  3. Framework structures and identification of the PLD plan needed to support the introduction of the chosen framework.
  4. Support structures – identification of the leadership of the project and identification of the PLD plan needed to support the leaders of the inquiry-based appraisal practice.
  5. Accountability –  identification of the structure of accountability that will facilitate the execution of inquiry-based appraisal practice.

Thank you for your wisdom, resources and insight, you have helped me personally and professionally to become more reflective and confident in my pedagogy and practice

— Anonymous – ACG Parnell
It was a great support, I learnt a great amount that I can use for my future teaching – thanks
— Anonymous – Creative Learning Scheme


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