Deepen Teacher Inquiry

What would be possible if your teachers are competent and capable with inquiry?



Teacher inquiry  can be challenging, exciting, rewarding and inspiring. With the tools to dig deeper into each part of a teacher inquiry we will get a cohort of teachers who are effectively and creatively; in a contextual way, implementing your strategic directives and who feel energised, empowered and inspired to innovate and drive change in their practice and make a genuine difference

When you – as teachers – are inquiring critically; professional growth, curation of evidence for teacher registration and foundations for the building of new structures around registration present themselves.

The Recommended Approach and Investment

We will help your school to sharpen your teacher inquiry  processes, and to develop the skills required to design deep and relevant teacher inquiries by empowering teachers to make wise, informed instructional decisions.

This requires moving from a evidence hunting mindset to an evidence curating mindset via inquiry … and that’s exactly what we’ll achieve together.

Traditional one-day PD events and bolted on workshops make little difference to real school improvement. We like to form partnerships - as a critical friend to your inquiry leaders an extended period of time  to help your school make changes stick via:

  • Support with the structures of collaborative inquiry groupings.

  • Development of Research Theme Banks to inform teacher inquiries.

  • Understand the elements of a cycle of inquiry.

  • Deepen teacher inquiry by unpacking what is happening in a way  that encourages teachers to reflect deeply about the learning of their students. 

  • Use the findings of this reflection to plot a journey through the identified constraints to elevate what is working and empower teachers to make a change to what is not.

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