#Deepen Teacher Inquiry - Hack No 2

Deepen teacher inquiry to accelerate teacher learning - Part 2

When we ask teachers and leaders what stops them from trying something new or doing something different, they inevitably identify a concern around failure or judgment. We are often fearful of deviating from the norms when it comes to classroom practice. Leaders are often accused of leading in the same way.
There is an intrinsic fear of failure—and of judgment—that takes a grip on us and prevents us from stepping outside of our comfort zone. There is sometimes a perception of loss of control when trying something new. The outcome here is that we operate in a state of stagnation around our toolkit of strategies that work.
We may just be missing out on a strategy that has a profound (in a good way) impact on student learning. And as you all know, the primary reason we are in this job is for the kids. God knows we don't do it for the money... (enough said about that one). So we need to be taking EVERY opportunity to have an elevated impact on the learning of our students - even if that means changing tack and trying something new.

Deep, relevant, supported Teacher Inquiry will enable you to change tack. Inquiry enables you to change tack by supporting and encouraging the following:

Curiosity is the centrepiece of learning. Without curiosity - learning is superficial at best, and we don't want that!
Inquiry encourages and enables curiosity. Curiosity is the desire to know; it seeks to understand and give things meaning. Curiosity leads to learning and encourages creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Interest - Inquiry piques your interest...
Interest leads to creativity and is enabled by collaboration. Unleashed creativity means you are in the moment, you are connected to learning and engaged in a way that leads to change. You are asking each other “What if …”? When you and your team collaborate in a creative way, you are inspired to make changes to your go-to practices. Go-to practices may lead to good learning, but what if there were another way? You need to get creative with how you design learning in your classroom.
Collaboration grows creativity. Collaboration is a space in which you can make changes that matter. Innovate in your space and influence a change here and now.
Innovation is the creation and design of new and exciting ways of being, doing, and working. Innovation is energising and increases engagement. Innovation is enabled through communication with others in a way that is collaborative, where ideas grow from everyone’s input. Innovation is a place where new things happen, often for the benefit of all.
If your innovation is about learning, then it is a place where accelerated learning for everyone begins to happen.

Inspiration is the intercept between creativity and communication. By that I mean, when teachers are actively engaged in being creative and they are sharing and collaborating about what they are creating, inspiration kicks in. Inspiration is what happens between groups of individuals as they look to communicate and create new ideas and solutions that will impact how individuals work together. Interaction impacts the outcomes of how individuals and teams work together.

As I work with teachers I find every time - when space is provided and the dialogue is framed up in the right way - passionate conversations about learning. Student learning. Teacher learning. Conversations about learning ensue.
In fact, that is the biggest value add to having me come in and work with your teachers with the design of their Inquiries. We weave together a tapestry of connections that enable Deeper Teacher Inquiries.
And the learning that results is quite often a game changer for everyone present.
The dialogue that ensues is a dialogue that is framed up around Deeper Teacher Inquiry. It is a dialogue that is framed up in a way that encourages and supports teachers to be innovative, creative, collaborative, and inspired. 

So let's get your inquiry culture to a place where is its driven by genuine curiosity.  In a way that enables you and your teams to be innovative, inspired, interested in changing.

So as you begin 2019. Let's make Teacher Inquiry about being innovative, interesting and inspirational so that it grows creativity, collaboration and communication.

Make teacher Inquiry in 2019 a game changer for your school.

Until our next Teacher Inquiry Hack....

Go Well....