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It's always great to hear a success story, so I would like to share one with you this week. I think we often are so focused on the aspirational - the end goal - that we forget to celebrate the small successes that are part of our journey to the aspirational.
After all - teaching is an aspirational game. We look to get our students over the “aspirational line” whatever that may be. Well, what about the little things that all add together to get us to that aspirational place.
This week I reconnected with the staff at Dilworth Junior Campus. All of the teachers spoke about their inquiries and shared their learnings. There were incredibly rich dialogue and deep learning conversations happening. 

As a team, they reflected on, shared and explored the strategies that they had designed and used for their inquiries. We used the following framework to scaffold the reflection process.  

Learning Gains [No Gains vs Gains]

Learning Strategy [Old vs New]

As you can see, the deepen teacher inquiry process we initiated enabled a deep focus on the learning process and as a result, teachers were encouraged to design new strategies. Learning Strategies that were found to have resulted in learning gains for the students!

Historically, a classroom teaching strategy would have been a reflection in action. A reflection in action is a reactive strategy in response to a learning need. The impact of a reflection in action teaching strategy often is not measured.

The deepen teacher inquiry framework we used enabled teachers to look deeper into each phase of their inquiry design. During the design of their inquiry, teachers were able to: 

  • Engage in a deeper exploration and therefore understanding of the learning needs of their students that was used to inform the inquiry strategy.

  • Design specific strategies - with a careful note to detail about learning processes - to help overcome said learning need.

  • Innovate and create rich forms of evidencing and measuring the impact on learning.

Through deepening teacher inquiry - teachers are making intentioned measures of deeply reflective strategies that are - in this case - having valid impacts on the learning of the students in the school.

As for the learning of the teachers….

At one stage one of the teachers turned to me and said: "you know Tab, while the process of Deepen Teacher Inquiry was enlightening and an amazing thing to do - its the conversations we are having right now that are the most powerful for me."

Well, I have to agree with him.

So what was happening?
The inquiry teachers had completed were offering a framework upon which to base learning conversations. We had worked hard to build a culture of learning for teachers around the inquiry process and the sharing we did this week is that culture in action.
Teacher inquiry is the most powerful learning tool for teachers - and for supporting the modelling of learning and the learning culture of a school.
Congratulations Dilworth Junior school - I am so, so excited about the foundations you have built to leverage deeper inquiries next year.



If you have enjoyed reading this post and are looking to re-purpose Teacher inquiry or you would like to Deepen Teacher Inquiry in your school, then we should have a chat. 
I would love to hear from you. I am looking to get schools signed up for 2019 now before my calendar fills up.

I hope you have a great first week of Term 4.





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