#Deepen-Teacher-Inquiry - Ah-ha Moments The power of collaboration when lensed around learning...

Ah-ha Moments


Last week I shared four teachers Ah-ha moments over the previous 12 months. Ah-ha moments that have been a result of the work we have done together. This week, we identify how inquiry supports collaboration. 

If we are honest, adult collaboration often mirrors the frustration we experience in group assignments in classrooms: one person does all the work, more arguing than productive dialogue occurs, and disengagement is more prevalent than empowerment. What teachers have found, is that collaboration - when framed up with an inquiry -  is often richer and deeper than if teachers were to be placed in a group and told to action a particular activity. 
I believe that the difference is in the case of Deepen Teacher Inquiry, teachers own their inquiry and are bought together by a common curiosity around students learning. All dialogue is lensed around learning and judgement is absent.


Ah-ha moments that have energized | enabled | empowered change to teacher practice.

You may recall from last week - when I asked teachers what the most valuable thing was for them in the work we did together - four themes if impact came through very strongly.

  1. The platform in which to innovate learning opportunities that deepen learning.

  2. The power of knowing the impact on learning.

  3. The vehicle that enabled and empowered a change in the way teachers work.

  4. The change in culture around collaboration between staff

Let's have a look at the fourth one.

The change in culture around collaboration between staff

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry helps create a culture of collaboration

“Deepen Teacher Inquiry encouraged a culture of collaboration and sharing of best practice among teachers in our department and across departments. All of a sudden it became easy to share the “story “ of my inquiry with my colleagues. As a consequence, I was the recipient of some really great feedback, unlike anything I had ever received before.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry enables learning partnerships to be formed between teachers.

The collaboration with other teachers on my inquiry enabled us to form a partnership that would not have existed otherwise. We were able to share the thinking that leads to new learning for both of us. By brainstorming and ideating together we shared the creative load and were able to think outside the box without inquiry strategies that ended up enhancing student learning.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry encourages cross-curricular collaboration that is purposeful and natural rather than forced.

“For years we have struggled to get cross-curricular collaboration happening. Deepen Teacher Inquiry has enabled that in our school.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry provides the collaborative platform for high performing dialogue to occur.

“Our learning mind-set resulted in deep, rich dialogue. Outside on an inquiry - this kind of conversation was always very forces and synthetic.”

When innovative practices are celebrated and shared, great learning can spread through schools. If we only tell the stories of the good or gloss over the challenges instead of sharing the hurdles that are part of learning, we miss the power of the learning process. The culture of learning and risk-taking can make great ideas and practices spread through schools like wildfire.

I hope you have a great first week of Term 4.





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