#Deepen-teacher-inquiry - Ah-ha Moments - Empowering a change in the way teachers work.

Ah-ha Moments


Last week I shared four teachers Ah-ha moments over the previous 12 months. Ah-ha moments for teachers that I have worked with to co-create their Teacher Inquiries.


This week we will have a look at the third common outcome for teachers I have worked with.

The vehicle that enabled and empowered a change in the way teachers work.

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry enabled teachers to see their impact from a new viewpoint.

"Deepen Teacher Inquiry opened my eyes to opportunities of changing how I teach. I now have a greater understanding of how students learn differently."

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry encourages a shift from teaching focused to learning focused strategising and planning

"When I explored the learning element of being a teacher rather than the teaching element, I could connect with students learning needs differently. I found this so much more enriching for me and my students"

  • Deepen Teacher inquiry encourages a refocus of purpose for teachers.

“Deepen Teacher inquiry helps to keep the students and their learning at the heart of my teaching and my focus.”

  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry is about deepening the process of reflection in action. It adds an element of WHY and IF to teacher reflection.

"Deepen Teacher Inquiry made me think deeper into my actions in the classroom. I now think about why I feel a change in strategy is necessary, what I am going to do to make the change, why that idea would possibly work and then actually monitor the process."

Next week I will share teachers thoughts on Deepen Teacher Inquiry as the change agent in the culture around collaboration between staff.

A message to my teacher friends...

Now because it is term break - I prefer to not call it school holidays because the reality for most of us is that its a break from the classroom, but not from the job per say - I am wondering if you are getting a break? 

What do you do to take a break?
For me it's getting down to the beach in the morning... - Great thinking happens when space is created to just - think... its energizing and great for your wellbeing... Where is that space for you?

Take care during your break





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T3 - Teacher Think Tank - Waikato Based Teachers

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