Deepen Teacher Inquiry Series - Part 26

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.
— Reid Hoffman

The name of the game is - Deepen Teacher Inquiry.
The outcome of the game is - Empowered teacher learning - which all going well will lead to improved impacts on student learning.
This week we will explore the idea of analysing.  
The final phase of an inquiry is the evaluate phase. The phase in which teachers evaluate what they know about the impact of their inquiry on students learning. A place where they are collaborative, see trends and do the analysis.

To evaluate is to reflect and analyse. During the evaluate phase teachers are involved in analysing and reflecting.

Be collaborative | See Trends | Do Analysis


Be collaborative - Collaborating with others about what you have found as a result of your inquiry leads to learning for all.
Be collaborative - Collaborating with others around inquiry leads to incredibly powerful dialogue for all those participating. In these situations, the most significant learning occurs.
Collaboration increases the impact of an inquiry. During the analysing phase of an Inquiry, it is essential that teachers collaborate with others to gain a deeper understanding of what has happened in their Inquiry.

Jane and Shelley are doing similar strategies for their inquiry. They are looking at using a strategy to help a group of students who have high levels of reading, but low spelling capabilities in their writing to close the gap.

They have found - through analysis of their data - that they have a group of students whose reading level does not line up with their spelling levels - in particular in their writing. 

When they were looking at their outcome evidence and data, they collaborated and dialogued about what they had found. The process of collaboration, in this case, enabled these two teachers to look deeper into what was happening and ideate about the outcomes in a way that is not possible when you complete the evidencing phase of you inquiry alone.

Now it needs to be said, that the two inquiries were not the same, but the similarities broadened the inquiry process for both teachers.


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Tabitha Leonard