Deepen Teacher Inquiry Series - Part 18

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.
— Alvin Toffler

Happy term break for those of you who are on a break!

The most powerful learning tool…...For your teachers

Perhaps the most powerful tool for learning as teachers is teacher inquiry. Unfortunately, in many schools', the word "inquiry" generates many negative feelings and implications for teachers.
We all know that professional learning offered in schools - while perhaps great at the time - very rarely has an ongoing impact on teacher learning or practice. Teachers head back into the business of their day-to-day activities after the event and very rarely do we get an opportunity to consolidate or apply our new learnings.
Now, we all know that the process of learning new things in a way that embeds in the long-term memory has time to practice - to consolidate - to synthesise and to apply.
The lack of this activity after professional learning events makes learning superficial at best.
So, with that in mind - the process of an inquiry - for teachers - is the best form of learning there is. However, I will qualify this statement with a stipulation!  This learning structure needs to be well supported and scaffolded for teachers - just as we scaffold and support the learning of our students.

An inquiry is a noun or action point for seeking information -  from which learning can occur.

Teacher learning is empowered when teacher inquiry capability is built from beginner to master. When teachers are highly capable with inquiry design and implementation, they can explore their impacts on student learning deeply.  Teachers can begin to innovate learning - both student learning and teacher learning.

An inquiry is like a coach that keeps an athlete at the top of their game. Inquiry- when done well -challenges and encourages growth and develops Empowered teachers who have huge (elevated) impacts on student learning outcomes.

Leaders - are you supporting and scaffolding the learning of your teachers and your teachers' inquiry capability?
If you are, is it enough?
Over the next few weeks, I will be deepening our exploration of the elements of an inquiry process. There are many models of inquiry being used in NZ schools. However, the reality is that the process is the same no matter what model a school uses, and requires the same thinking framework to support and to build deep and relevant inquiries.

For now - enjoy your break, and I will see you online again next week.


Do you have teachers who are struggling with the design of their teacher inquiries and need a little leg up to get them up and running with great inquiries? - I can help!


What my clients have to say.....
"A fabulous, useful, inspiring course that has encouraged me to embrace inquiry and use it as a tool to use rather than leave and have it disconnected. The passion and the enthusiasm were contagious and wonderful - Tabitha, you really do ensure that we leave the room happy and mindful of what we do now."
- Laura Abbott

Tabitha Leonard