For the simplicity that lies this side of complexity, I would not give a fig, but for the simplicity that lies on the other side of complexity, I would give my life”
— Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr.

This week I am really excited to introduce a new lens to the Professional support I give to schools. It comes out of some pieces of work I am doing with a number of schools and is a culmination of design and feedback from colleagues.

Every time I run courses I am amazed at how many teachers and leaders enrol for a one or two day course. I know from my own experience that these PLD days are amazing while you are there. They are packed full of great ideas that you can take back to school. However, it's what happens when you get back to school that makes me stop and wonder.

When I asked the question, "why do you sign up for one or two-day courses?", invariably the answer is “the true value is in the dialogue we have with teachers from other schools, we like to hear what others are doing”.

With that key value-add in mind - we are looking to build exactly these opportunities for teachers and leaders. Facilitated Themed Strategic Days where teachers and/or leaders come together and learn together for a day. Through guided focused dialogue, we will look to gain clarity and unpack some of the following areas for your schools' context.

  • Student Agency
  • Deepen Teacher Inquiry
  • Appraisal Practice - lensing it around learning
  • Deepening Learning through design and the use of SOLO Taxonomy
  • Re-lensing learning - Empowering a sustainable learning culture across the whole organisation
  • Redesigning Your Curriculum to incorporate STEAM Principals

Last week we had an incredible day with 20 teachers across 9 schools from Auckland and Hamilton collaborating and sharing their ideas and journeys of building capability around student agency.
Together we were able to explore and build clarity of what Student Agency is in each schools’ context and begin the journey to deepen understanding. To design future steps using the clarity we achieved together. It's one thing to read about it online - it's completely another to work alongside other educators to unpack it in a live context.

Here is some feedback from teachers who attended the day.

Beautiful balance between provoking thinking and providing resources for application - Helped to bring greater understanding of what it looks like for teacher and students as learners
— Annie Abraham-Shakoor
Activities that were fun and deeply engaging, conversations, ideas about agency
— Sally Prendergast
Excellent presenter and useful and effective strategies taken away. -
— Sheherazad Bhote

What I would love - is to hear from leaders and teachers who would be keen to be part of these exciting new ways to lens up teachers learning.
What it enables is a clarity for future steps. It enables leaders to take action in a way that is relevant, well thought out and impactful.

Let's build the future of education together. 
Further to the strategic day - we can offer ongoing support to schools as they move to action the work they start.

Tabitha Leonard