Deepen Teacher Inquiry Series - Part 3

To get a different result, you have to do something different
— Albert Einstein

This quote really resonated with me this week. There is no rocket science happening here. It's simple and logical I know, but when you think about it - the best advice is always simple and logical.

So looking through the lens of doing something different I began to explore ways to elevate the impacts of things that we do.

When I speak to leaders, I hear them say that their staff are not connecting with what they are trying to achieve - simply because they are on autopilot - and leaders are frustrated by the lack of desire or ownership of their staff for elevating what is working or tweaking what is not - to increase impacts.

This last week I have had the privilege to work alongside some incredibly passionate educators at Conifer Grove School. We used design thinking - empathy maps - to enable and empower staff to explore deeply the learning of students. We did this by unpacking and reflecting deeply on what is happening by engaging with the process of writing it, drawing it and saying it.
We then plotted a journey through the identified constraints to elevate what is working and empowering to make a change to what is not.

In doing so, we were able to look at the identified topic of exploration from multiple angles - at different levels - resulting in an understanding that is impossible to achieve by just identifying a topic or problem.
As a result of experiencing the process of empathy mapping and ideating about their students learning, these teachers were left feeling incredibly energised and validated in their practice. 


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Tabitha Leonard