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The world simply no longer cares how much you know, because Google knows everything. Content knowledge has become a free commodity— like air or water— growing exponentially, changing constantly, and available on every Internet-connected device. The harder part is helping students develop the skill and the will to ask new questions, solve new problems, and create new knowledge
— Tony Wagner

With over 20 years of experience in Education, Tabitha has helped Teachers and Leaders manage the constant need to innovate, shift and change to remain at the leading edge of education and learning.

In the last 12 months, Tabitha has helped over 500 Teachers and leaders, working at the intersection of Leadership and Learning to determine, define and design their unique learning systems and build synergy between all the parts of a learning system to enable change, growth and sustainability.

The Author of two books, Tabitha typically helps Teachers and Leaders to gain clarity, coherence and sense-making that creates clearly defined and understood learning purpose by weaving together all pieces of the learning system.

Her clients often come with the following challenges:

  • A lack of coherence and alignment of vision for the future of learning

  • Needing a strategy and accountability to grow to the next level

  • How to shift pedagogy to enable the growth of learning capability of both teachers and students

  • How to grow leadership capability in a schools middle leaders

  • Needing a refined focus on Inquiry Practices and STEAM Learning Designs

She also trains Leaders to coach and enables growth and sustainability of performance management processes that are refined to be learning centred, and growth orientated while meeting all compliance requirements.




The sum of all the parts is greater than the whole.

change | growth | sustainability

What my clients say

Literally the most amazing PD I have ever done it has changed my approaches to teaching and the way I run my class. The results and feedback from the students have been incredible. Tabitha ensures that the PD is tailored and personalised to you and your STEM journey. Plus time to work on designing resources and programmes etc while being supported.
— Alicia Spekking
Another incredible day with Tabitha Leonard. Whole staff workshop followed by 10 teachers taking their inquiry journey with Tabitha. An engaged and on board staff thanks to her incredible work. Looking forward to our next PLD session in a few weeks time.
— Greg Haines - St Peters School
Beautiful balance between provoking thinking and providing resources for application
Tabitha was very knowledgeable, engaged the group, gave opportunities to think, discuss and share, provided matrices, digital resource, graphic organisers, facilitated and guided the group and individual to reflect, problem solve. Affirmed and differentiated the understanding and learnings for each person and group. The tone and care of her delivery was calm and affable. She listened and was attentive to questions and the reality for different people
— lese - Favona School
Tabitha was incredibly knowledgeable and focused, giving teaching inquiry a concrete purpose. Tabitha has helped me refine my own inquiry and implement it in a way that is manageable and meaningful for me.